Unicom MobileUnicom Mobile



To access Unicom Mobile setup go to:


Login with Username and Password

Main menu Unicom Mobile

  • Devices: to add or remove mobiles devices (phones or tablets)
  • Templates: to create or modify templates (macros)
  • Change password: customer can modify password
  • Activation unique key#: 1234 1234 1234 (supplied by Unicom)
  • Display all devices on map: Let you display GPS position of devices on a map.

Name displayed on map can be configured in device configuration in Display name (map) section.

If you want to display only one device, this can be done from device configuration screen

Devices menu

Blue + to add device (cellular or tablet), blue check mark to save, once saved you can no longer modify device ID.

*Put drivers name in reference , to help you know which device is associated to which drivers.

Templates menu

Example of template (macro) for Pick up

To start you must create templates in Unicom Mobile and afterwards you can associate the appropriate fields in Unicom to the template.

Configure three buttons, Text 1, 2, 3. Example:

  • Button 1: Start Trip
  • Button 2: Arrived
  • Button 3: Finished Trip

Installation on phone or tablet


On device, on this web address:

Then follow instruction to download and install application

If device block install you must go to settings to unblock.

GPS on device and location display on map

  • Allow device, activate GPS
  • GPS mode must be activated in device settins
  • Mobile devile must have a Google account configured and must have Google Play Services version 8.3 minimum

Icons in Unicom mobile application

Communication with server successful (blue)
More than one hour since last communication with server (gray)
Successful communication with server (green)
Error during last communication with server (red)
Message received
Message sent
Message modified
Photos associated with messages
Force communication with server
Back to previous screen
List of photos or to take photo
Create new message or reply to message
Modify the message

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